Your Reputation Is Everything. Are You  Protecting It Well Enough?

Healthcare is a rich target for bad actors. Latest reports show that every 20 seconds someone becomes the victim of a ransomware attack – and those without proper security measures and IT Service Management in place are more likely to be one of these victims.  Your patient data is worth more than gold.

Ransomware Data breaches are expensive and painful.  Clinics have closed…permanently.  Are you protecting yourself well enough?  Breached patient records cost $350.00 each, meaning if you have 10,000 records, your risk is over $3.5 million dollars.  Small practices and larger clinics cannot afford to fail.  Can you?  Being prepared can lower your risk.  When a data breach occurs, are you able to recover your data?

Why you must have a Comprehensive Security and Compliance plan to secure your future.

New HIPAA Cybersecurity Law Promises Lower Fines and Audit Relief

HPIT  implements nationally recognized security standards to help you establish an affirmative defense.

Establish Safe Harbor for your business.

How bad Healthcare IT Management can cost you a secure future.

You have enough to focus on…Patient Care, improving patient experience, Employee Training, cost of delivering services, all impact why patients pick your practice.  Allow Healthcare Practice IT to implement the cybersecurity standards, support solutions, and IT management that help to protect your business and your reputation.



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