Welcome to our 3 steps to Better Cyber Health!

  • Are you tired of worrying about cyber threats and vulnerabilities? Who’s got your back?
  • Are you concerned that the people managing your organization’s technology have your best interest at heart?
  • How often is your staff waiting to do their work when systems aren’t operating efficiently?

    Are these questions causing your blood pressure to rise?

3 Steps to Better Cyber Health helps secure your organization and potentially qualify for Safe Harbor. Watch the video for more details.

Organization Specific Cyber Vitals Exam

Our team performs a full review of your workflows, device history, IT vulnerabilities, and other factors. You gain clarity with a cyber health score and detailed executive summary about the current state of security and compliance within your organization.

Organization Specific Cyber Health Plan

Once we understand the current state of your organization’s technology, our team will lay out a detailed roadmap to guide you to better Cyber Health and better compliance with HIPAA and other key regulatory bodies. 

Implement Your Cyber Health Plan

How can your organization be secure and compliant without constant adaptation to the ever-changing cyber-landscape? A continually evolving cyber health plan will improve security and compliance. You can implement your cyber health plan, or we can help you get it done. 

Looking for more information on the 3 Steps to Better Cyber Health? Learn more below or reach out and set up a time to connect with a member of our team.

Step 1: Cyber Vitals Exam

Organization Specific Cyber Vitals Exam

Before receiving your Cyber Vitals results, our experts need to know the organization’s “cyber vitals.” Our team performs a full review of your workflows, device history, IT vulnerabilities, and other factors to create a cyber health score and executive summary.

The first step in improving your organization’s cyber health is to conduct a full review of your workflows, device history, IT vulnerabilities, and other factors. This is what we call a Cyber Vitals Exam. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your current security measures and identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. This will give us a clear understanding of what needs to be addressed in order to improve your cyber health.  We provide an executive summary and an initial Cyber Health Score.

Why is the Cyber Vitals Exam critically important?

Our team of experts have found that organizations which do not address their cyber vulnerabilities typically experience a cybersecurity incident.  There have been many instances reported where cyber incidents may contribute to an organization filing for bankruptcy. 

A Cyber Vitals Exam helps to establish an understanding of the organization’s workflows and policies, IT vulnerabilities, security risks, and compliance issues.

What does the organization gain after the completion of a cyber vitals exam:

With the findings of the Cyber Vitals Exam, our team of experts, produce an executive summary and a “Cyber Health Score.” The Health Score is based on the organization’s current workflows and policies, discovered known vulnerabilities, examination of the organization’s connected devices, and an initial compliance assessment.

Just like good medical advise, in order to advise your organization, our team of experts requires the results of the organization’s “lab results.” Schedule a Cyber Vitals Exam today.

Step 2: Cyber Health Plan

Organization Specific Cyber Health Plan

A Cyber Health plan is a comprehensive plan based, in part, on the findings of the organization’s Cyber Vitals Exam.  The organization’s unique Cyber Health Plan lays out a roadmap which will guide the organization to better Cyber Health.

Once we have a clear understanding of your current cyber health, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive Cyber Health Plan. This plan will be based, in part, on the findings of your Cyber Vitals Exam and will lay out a roadmap for improving your cyber health. Your Cyber Health Plan will be unique to your organization and will guide your organization towards better cyber health.

Why is the Cyber Health Plan critically important:

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, cyber security and compliance are constantly evolving to counter each new threat as they develop.  Multi-Factor Authentication, Endpoint Detection and Remediation, and Zero-Trust are just the latest examples of the ever-evolving cyber security response.

An awareness of the organization’s current cyber health issues is essential for better cybersecurity and compliance.  The Cyber Health Plan establishes awareness and creates a plan for your organization to improve its IT security and compliance based on the current policies and regulations.  Just like a quality exercise and nutrition plan, the Cyber Health Plan will improve the organization’s cybersecurity and compliance when followed.

It is now considered only a matter of time before a cyber incident occurs for every organization.  A healthier organization, from a Cyber Health perspective, can better handle a cyber incident.  Like a person who proatvely lives a healthier lifestyle, typically, that person stays healthier for longer and experiences a better quality of life.

Without a quality Cyber Health Plan, the organization is planning to fail. 

The Cyber Health Plan is useless without implementation.  The next step in the process is implementing the recommendations from the Cyber Health Plan.  Our team of experts work with your organization to implement the Health Plan based on your organization’s budget, timeline, and risk tolerance.

What does the Cyber Health Plan include?

A detailed and specific action plan to improve your organization’s cyber health. This action plan prioritizes known vulnerability, security and compliance issues found during the Cyber Vitals Exam.

How is a Cyber Health Plan implemented?

The organization has three options for implementation:

1) The organization Implements the Cyber Health Plan with its own internal resources.

2) The organization works with our team of experts to implement the Cyber Health Plan.

3) Our team of experts implement the Cyber Health Plan based on the organization’s budget and timeline.

Contact us today to establish better cyber health for your organization.

Step 3: Implementation

Implement Your Cyber Health Plan

Unlike a personal health plan, our team of experts can actually do the work of implementing the organization’s Cyber Health Plan; working with your team and fostering better Cyber Health.  The organization will be safer and more compliant with the required policies and regulations.

Why this is critically important:

As stated previously, without implementing a quality Cyber Health Plan, the organization is planning to fail. 

How does a Cyber Health Plan get implemented?

Organizations have three methods of implementation:

1) Implement with internal resources.

2) Our team of experts work with the organization’s internal resources.

3) Our experts implement based on the organization’s budget and timeline.

    Improving your organization’s cyber health isn’t a one-time effort – it requires ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your security measures are always effective. That’s why we offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your security measures up to date and your organization protected against the constantly evolving threat landscape.

    Don’t wait any longer to improve your organization’s cyber health. Contact us today and let us help you through our 3 Steps for Better Cyber Health. Together, we can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your organization is secure.


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