Who isn’t concerned about keeping their organization secure and compliant in today’s ever-changing digital landscape? Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you stay secure and compliant so that you can focus on providing the highest quality patient care.


Just like your patients need a treatment plan, your healthcare organization needs to know it’s own “lab results.” Healthcare Practice IT performs an organization-specific Cyber Vitals examination and then compiles your specific customized cyber health plan, tailored to meet the needs and goals of your organization.

Helping businesses and the healthcare industry remain secure and compliant since 2004

Our previous IT support was pretty good about addressing issues as they arose, but Andy and the team at Healthcare Practice IT are far more proactive – constantly looking at our systems and investigating potential HIPAA violations, security threats, or firewall issues to catch things before they have a chance to become problems.  

Farhana B.

Practice Manager

Our team of experts doesn’t wait for you to have an issue before we take action. Proactive IT security and compliance monitoring enable our team of experts to work with your organization to correct issues before they become problems.

Our team of experts earns your trust by doing what’s necessary to correct IT issues. We do what we commit to day in and day out.

“Before Healthcare Practice IT,  I spent a significant amount of time fixing problems and maintaining the technology we needed to run the practice.

It’s very comforting knowing I can depend on the HPIT team to immediately go to work to fix any problems that may arise.

I trust them. They have a lot of power and access to our technology and it’s comforting when you have a team you can trust who continue to demonstrate they have your best interest in mind.”

Jo Ann O.

Practice Administrator

“Cybersecurity and compliance are huge & having a team keeping our practice secure and watching our back 24/7 is essential. Healthcare Practice IT is a partner you can trust.”

Tim K.

Practice Administrator

You can sleep better at night knowing your systems are proactively monitored by our team of experts 24/7. 

3 Steps To Better Cyber Health

Organization Specific Cyber Vitals Exam

Before receiving a Cyber Health Plan, our experts need to know the organization’s “cyber vitals.” Our team performs a full review of your workflows, device history, IT vulnerabilities, and other factors to create an initial cyber health score and executive summary.

A Cyber Health plan is a comprehensive plan based, in part, on the findings of the organization’s Cyber Vitals Exam.  The organization’s unique Cyber Health Plan lays out a roadmap which will guide the organization towards Cyber Health

Unlike a personal health plan, our team of experts can actually do the work of implementing your organization’s Cyber Health Plan. We’ll work with your team to foster better cyber health and ensure that your organization is safer and more compliant with required policies and regulations. But improving your organization’s cyber health isn’t a one-time effort – it requires ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your security measures are always effective. That’s why we offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your security measures up to date and your organization protected against the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Our mission is to empower organizations to achieve better cyber health through our 3 Step Process. This includes conducting a thorough assessments of an organization’s current security measures, creating a customized Cyber Health Plan to guide them towards improvement, and providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the effectiveness and compliance to their security measures. By partnering with us, healthcare organizations can have peace of mind knowing that their data and systems are more secure, protected and compliant.

Healthcare Practice IT was founded in 2004 to help businesses and particularly healthcare organizations get the most out of their information technology. Over the years our team of experts has helped many businesses across the country become more productive, secure, and compliant.

Our mission is to help our clients fully realize the benefits of information technology by delivering security solutions and technology services that have a direct, measurable impact, so you can focus on delivering high-quality patient care. 

You will sleep better at night knowing your healthcare organization has a plan, and a team of experts supporting your cyber security and compliance.


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