IT Security Is More Than a Technology Problem

Zero-day exploits are now more common than ever. Zero-Trust is the current strategy to overcome “Zero-Day” Malware

80% of Security Breaches Are Due to Human Error

Social Engineering is the largest contributor to data breaches. We live in a connected world where criminals are able to break into your systems using creative methods that often go overlooked.

  • Social Media
  • Email Phishing
  • Wifi Networks
  • Websites

What Are The Threats Affecting Your Business?

IT Security is essential.

IT Security has many components  – People, Controls, and Detection

IT Security is not just a technical issue – Involves people

How a Comprehensive Security and Compliance Plan Can Secure Your Future.

New HIPAA Cybersecurity Law Promises Lower Fines and Audit Relief

HPIT  implements nationally recognized security standards to help you establish an affirmative defense.

Establish Safe Harbor for your business.

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