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Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly transforming the way we work and conduct business, helping businesses and individuals achieve unimaginable levels of efficiency and productivity.

Like anything good, AI, too, has its dark side. Cybercriminals can use AI-generated deepfakes to create realistic videos using another person's voice and image samples to open bank accounts for illegal transactions. Scammers can create sophisticated phishing emails using AI that can be difficult for traditional security tools to flag as malicious content.


However, the risks associated with AI shouldn't dissuade you from reaping its benefits. To help you fearlessly navigate AI challenges, we created an eBook that will also serve as excellent employee training material.


Through this eBook, you'll learn:


✅ All about AI benefits

✅  The risks associated with AI

✅   AI best practices

✅  How an IT service provider can help you safely make the most of AI

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